Looking for a Self-Employed Mortgage?

  • Are you newly self-employed and have less than three years worth of accounts?
  • Are you self-employed and been refused a mortgage?
  • Are you a Director of a Limited Company?
  • Do you have multiple business interests?
  • Do you retain your profits in your business rather than take them as dividends?
  • Are you working as a contractor but are responsible for your own tax?
  • Do you currently work under an umbrella company?
  • Are you a Trade contractor being paid through the Construction Industry Scheme (CIS)
  • Are you struggling to find a lender?
  • Looking for an alternative to a self-certification mortgage?

If so, you may have experienced some difficulty in gaining agreement on a new mortgage because you are self-employed. Possibly due to either the lender or the adviser, not fully understanding your situation.

Historically, you may have been able to obtain a self-certification mortgage or self cert mortgage as they used to be known. This type of mortgages received a bad name, and had been accused of allowing easy borrowing and was a major cause of the ‘credit crunch’.

The Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) now require lenders to verify the income and confirm the mortgage is affordable for every mortgage applicant, and this change means these products are no longer available.

I have a great deal of experience working with the self-employed, and I understand the complexities that can be associated with running your own business. I also work closely with the lenders who offer mortgages for self-employed, and as such understand where your application would be best suited and likely to be agreed.

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